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Website Worth 44500 $ 495K freesound - freesound
freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. have you freed your sound today? 22000 $ 249K qt | cross-platform software development for embedded & desktop
qt is the faster, smarter way to create innovative devices, modern uis & applications for multiple screens. cross-platform software development at its best. 7500 $ 99.4K the qt experts - kdab
kdab - software experts in qt, c++ and 3d / opengl. we have profund expertise in desktop and embedded software services for all kind of industries. 11000 $ 97.5K pixilart - share & create art online
pixilart, free online drawing editor and social platform for all ages. create game sprites, make pixel art, animated gifs, share artwork and socialize online. 13000 $ 90.7K welcome to buildbox
welcome to buildbox 10500 $ 83.7K make 2d games with gamemaker studio 2
make a game with gamemaker. the ultimate 2d game engine and easiest to learn. learn how to make games from scratch. no code needed. 11000 $ 66.4K qt centre forum
this is a discussion forum run by qt centre --- the ultimate qt community site. 7000 $ 62.1K 7000 $ 40.5K royalty free music and sound effects library w/ 300k+ high quality tracks from grammy winning artists and hollywood's top sound studios.
royalty free stock music for any project - web, youtube, film, tv, radio, dvds, games, apps & more. license music and sound effects today from audiomicro. 4050 $ 39.1K the qt project
developer resources including qt doc*mentation, installation guides, forums, tutorials, etc for using the qt cross-platform software development framework. 7000 $ 39K free sound clips | offers free sound clips for download in either wav or mp3 format. we offer free and royalty free sound effects and clips for video editors, movie scores, ....... 3050 $ 34.4K game *ssets for indie developers | gamedev market
gamedev market is a marketplace for high quality, affordable 2d, 3d, gui & audio game *ssets, handcrafted by talented creators around the world. 5000 $ 33.6K game making software - construct 3 ★★★★★
our world cl*ss game creator allows you to make your own game - no programming required. try our game editor today and create a game in our game engine. 6041 $ 27.2K
indie games... and essential resources for game developers 2400 $ 26.8K 2d game *ssets store & free -
craftpix offers high-quality 2d game *ssets for your project. here you will find game icons, sprites, tilesets, gui, characters and more. all graphics are at a very affordable price. there is also a section with free game *ssets. 3000 $ 25.7K web design and development in metro detroit | media genesis » media genesis
serving clients worldwide located in metro detroit, we’re a leader in all things web: elearning, mobile applications, cms, digital marketing and graphic design. 4400 $ 25.2K piskel - free online sprite editor
piskel, free online sprite editor. a simple web-based tool for spriting and pixel art. create pixel art, game sprites and animated gifs. free and open-source. 4750 $ 24.4K 2450 $ 24K kenney • home
kenney game studio creates games and free to use game *ssets! 4850 $ 22.6K deviceatlas
deviceatlas is the world’s fastest, most accurate device detection solution providing real-time information on all mobile and other devices accessing the web. 646 $ 17.9K ics - integrated computer solutions
ics provides integrated custom software development and ux design for touchscreen, mobile, embedded and desktop applications for fortune 1000 companies. 2300 $ 17.4K home • gamesalad
home • gamesalad 3420 $ 15.6K game development tools and software |
garagegames provides game development tools and software including the torque 3d game engine, torque 2d game engine, torque game engine for iphone, and torque game engine for consoles. torque is also used by a multitude of game design and development educational institutions that allow students to learn how to make games. 2900 $ 15.6K screen sizes | viewport sizes and pixel densities for popular devices is a handy database of screen sizes, viewport sizes, and pixel densities for popular smart phones, tablets, and monitors. 2000 $ 14.2K royalty free 2d game *ssets
royalty free 2d game *ssets store. contains more than 100 items, from platformer & top down tileset, side scrolling & top down character spritesheet, game gui, space shooter *sset, game background, and many more. 3800 $ 14K – game development news, tutorials and more
game development news, tutorials and more 3050 $ 13.1K felgo: native cross-platform app development and professional services
create mobile apps, desktop, embedded & web applications, with the free qt-based felgo framework, development services, consulting & training. 2900 $ 12.5K codeandweb - tools for game developers
codeandweb - home of texturepacker, spriteilluminator and physicseditor. create sprite sheets. dynamic lighting for your game. create collision shapes. 2843 $ 11.9K make pixel art - free!
the original pixel art drawing app! share your drawings online instantly. 235 $ 9.3K cosmigo | pro motion – pixel art software for sprites, images, tile sets and more
cosmigo | pro motion - pixel art software for sprites, images, tile sets and more 750 $ 9.2K vinsol 1700 $ 8.9K 2000+ startup ideas from the crowd | ideaswatch
share ideas for new products or services you would love to use if they existed. discuss startup ideas with entrepreneurial minds from all over the world and start a business together! 900 $ 8.7K aseprite - animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
aseprite - animated sprite editor & pixel art tool 1800 $ 6.8K think 360 - best mobile app ui/ux design agency india
india top ui/ux design agency providing ux research, interface design, user testing, and web/mobile apps development services for startups and tech companies. 900 $ 6K o jeito mais fácil de criar aplicativos android iphone html5
o jeito mais fácil de criar aplicativos android e iphone *sem programar*. crie apps profissionais à medida do seu negócio. experimenta gratis! 600 $ 4.8K instant download royalty free music not found anywhere else
download royalty free music, loops and sound effects for your production. exclusive audio you will not find anywhere else. 370 $ 4.1K spriter 2
pre-order spriter 2 and get spriter pro now for free. pre-order spriter 2 pre-order spriter 2 and get spriter pro now for free. pre-order spriter 2 spriter 2 is being built from the ground up to offer a new 750 $ 4.1K lospec - free tools and resources for people making pixel art, voxel art and more
free online tools for people creating pixel art and other low-spec art. 0 $ 3.9K music and sound effects for videos and games • playonloop
discover our looping royalty free background music for use in videos, youtube, trailers, video games, apps and other media. start downloading music now! 225 $ 3.3K mobile game graphics - game *ssets, sprites and pixel art
get high quality game sprites, mobile game graphics, pixel art, 8-bit, characters and themes for game development. we offer free game *ssets and sprite sheet. 800 $ 3.2K pixel art maker
pixel art maker 470 $ 2.8K bfxr. make sound effects for your games.
sound-effects generation for your games in flash. 350 $ 2.6K make 8-bit art! is a fun free in-browser pixel art tool for you! 250 $ 2.4K box2d
a 2d physics engine for games 120 $ 2.3K unlocked android smartphones | nuu mobile
nuu mobile, no strings, no contracts, just phones. unlocked smartphones running android with dual sim capabilities. 0 $ 2.1K let's make games
supporting the game development community of western australia 350 $ 1.7K
royalty free music, images and video 360 $ 900 ninichi - composer for games, film & media
ninichi is a video game music composer, film music composer and composer for digital media. she works with indie game studios and filmmakers to create soundtracks to games and films. 0 $ 0 site not found · github pages 0 $ 0 press con barra para hombro -
press con barra para hombro - 91512 $ 510K the collaborative browser based ide
replit is a simple yet powerful online ide, editor, compiler, interpreter, and repl. code, compile, run, and host in 50+ programming languages. 9500 $ 108K melon - software development outsourcing company in bulgaria and north macedonia
melon delivers meaningful software solutions for web, mobile and desktop through building teams across top technology platforms. 2750 $ 21.8K corona: free cross-platform 2d game engine
corona is a 2d engine lets you build games & apps for all major platforms including ios, android, kindle, apple tv, android tv, macos, and windows. 3633 $ 18.1K || bizmandu ||
online business news 551 $ 13.8K big blue bubble – inspiring worlds of creativity.
big blue bubble :: mobile, console and casual game developers from canada 0 $ 11.4K convert your visual basic (vb), access, or asp programs to java, jsp or html and javascript. conversions by diamond edge�.
diamond edge, the leader in vb to java conversion: vb converter, the best visual basic to java (vb) to java converter, convert your asp code to jsp with asp2jsp, convert your access forms and code to java with access converter. migrate vb to html, xul, and javascript with our migration services. 2450 $ 10.5K اندرويد الجمالي
اندرويد الجمالي مدونة متخصص تعريب وفك شفرات وتخطي حساب جوجل وفك شفرات ملتقي المطورين العرب والاجانب في تطوير البرامج والتطبيقات وتعريب وفك شفرة وتخطي جوجل والعاب جديدة وتطبيقات متنوعة 2450 $ 9.8K pasionmovil
el portal de noticias más antiguo en méxico y latino américa sobre tecnología de consumo 10 $ 3.5K ironone | best-in-cl*ss mobile app design and development
ironone is a full service mobile app design and development company that specializes in crafting best-in-cl*ss mobile apps for ios & android, as well as the back-ends to power them and the websites to manage and promote them. 225 $ 3.2K nanocosmos nanostream cloud, cdn / h5live player - live streaming around the world in 1 second - nanovideo live streaming software for your brand - end to end
nanostream cloud - interactive live streaming with ultra-low-latency, including nanostream h5live player, cross-platform, running on all browsers, nanostream cdn, around the world in 1 second 0 $ 2.6K pinoyden - ang tambayan ng pinoy - index
pinoyden - ang tambayan ng pinoy - index 5 $ 2.2K .gears | game studio
gears (dotgears) is a small, independent game studio based in hanoi, vietnam. we make bite-sized arcade mobile games. our work is heavily influenced by retro pixelated games in its golden age. everything is pure, extremely hard and incredibly fun to play. 0 $ 2.1K massachusetts digital games institute
massdigi | massachusetts digital games institute 1 $ 1.9K account suspended
the handheld blog 0 $ 1.9K youth in new thinking-عالم شباب بفكر جديد
youth in new thinking-عالم شباب بفكر جديد 370 $ 1.8K xscoder - mobile, web and game development
mobile, web and game development. 0 $ 1.6K ptsdを治してキラリと輝く未来【適切な治療法がカギとなる】
現代社会はストレスが溜まりやすく、それによって様々な病気を発症してしまいます。ストレスによって引き起こされる病気であるptsdを中心に、ここでは心の病気について紹介していきます。 20 $ 1.6K digital agency in mauritius - mobi move
mobi move is an award winning digital agency based in mauritius which designs and develops mobile apps and websites while also providing digital marketing and seo. 35 $ 1.5K .gears | game studio
gears (dotgears) is a small, independent game studio based in hanoi, vietnam. we make bite-sized arcade mobile games. our work is heavily influenced by retro pixelated games in its golden age. everything is pure, extremely hard and incredibly fun to play. 30 $ 1.4K piqnt
software studio 130 $ 1.4K hiệp sĩ it
well organized and easy to understand web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use html, css, javascript, sql, php, and xml. 0 $ 1.3K 45 $ 1.1K web & mobile app development | .net, angular, ios, android, ruby, php | leobit
leobit is a full cycle web app, .net, and mobile application development provider for the technology companies and startups located in the us and europe. 375 $ 1.1K garazlab - online business made easy code script marketplace
buy sell innovative web solutions simply & easily in lowest affordable price from our marketplace. buy plugins & themes only with 5 years after sale support. 50 $ 1.1K dev x co is the resource for game and application development, featuring monthly news updates, articles and tutorials, and the most activity game development forums! 0 $ 1K kookydroid - we make awesome apps. prayer times.
kookydroid - we make awesome apps. download our prayer times app in your country to get the prayer times with reminders 5 times a day. 0 $ 1K digital agency in mauritius - mobi move
mobi move is an award winning digital agency based in mauritius which designs and develops mobile apps and websites while also providing digital marketing and seo. 0 $ 800 0 $ 800 zack matthews
software engineer 0 $ 600 build a website - website builder - squarespace
squarespace is the all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website. domains, ecommerce, hosting, galleries, an*lytics, and 24/7 support all included. 0 $ 600 0 $ 600 index of /
index of / 215 $ 600 juanas smith shared
juanas smith shared adalah blog untuk berbagi dan sharing pengetahuan. menampilkan artikel tutorial seputar teknologi informasi, pengembangan software, coding, developer, software engineer 0 $ 600 胡东东博客 - 分享手游和app开发的日常点滴
胡东东博客,主要记录cocos2d-x和unity3d手游开发,oc和c/c++等手机app开发中遇到的问题和知识总结.为同为开发者的你提供提供一些思路,坚韧沉稳,谦逊忍耐,菜鸟总会有高飞的那一天 0 $ 400 0 $ 400 kenneth mak | game studio
kenneth mak (game studio) is a small, independent game studio based in singapore. we make arcade mobile games. our work is heavily influenced by retro pixelated games in its golden age. everything is pure, extremely hard and incredibly fun to play. 0 $ 400 - diese website steht zum verkauf! - informationen zum thema nurabytes.
diese website steht zum verkauf! ist ihre erste und beste informationsquelle über nurabytes. hier finden sie auch weitere interessante links. wir hoffen, d*ss sie bei ihrer suche erfolgreich sind! 0 $ 300 code::blocks forums - index
code::blocks forums - index 100 $ 300 - smoothest game aka vanis alis, an unblocked free to play ball-eating multiplayer agar style io game! better graphics, smoother game, no downloads required! eat smaller players and cells to grow, and dominate the leaderboard! 100 $ 300 dashboard -
du hast probleme beim programmieren oder server administrieren? dann bist du genau richtig! tritt der entwicklercommunity noch heute bei! 0 $ 200 - multiplayer drawing and guessing game is an online drawing and guessing pictionary io game. match up with players around the world or create private matches with your friends! guess correctly and win points. 0 $ 200 chat, video chat and push notifications sdk for mobile and web apps
connectycube is a cloud communication platform that brings api & sdk for chat, video chat, push notifications, storage and users authorisation for ios, android, web, react native, nativescript and cordova apps. 0 $ 200 sdkbox: the cure for sdk fatigue
help mobile developers to integrate service sdks 0 $ 100 ahmet bütün | hep denedin, hep yenildin... olsun, yine dene, yine yenil, daha iyi yenil!
ahmet bütün | hep denedin, hep yenildin... olsun, yine dene, yine yenil, daha iyi yenil! 0 $ 100 steht zum verkauf steht zum verkauf 0 $ 100 mobile development
mobile development - eine deutschsprachige seite mit informationen zum programmieren von anwendungen und apps für mobile endgeräte, also handy's basierend auf den plattformen symbian, windows mobile (ppc, smartphone), windows phone, android und ios (iphone, ipod und ipad). es wird gezeigt wer und wie apps erstellt und programmiert werden. 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 enfour group – global communications enabler
モバイルの国際化の専門会社。全世界向けの実用系携帯コンテンツ・プロバイダ。文字技術の先駆けと元祖のpdaソフトハウス。 0 $ 100 mindspace technologies
mindspace delivers comprehensive business solutions to allow businesses to cost-effectively engage, imprint and transact with customers and partners. 0 $ 100 creo: next generation ios, macos and android cross-platform app builder
next generation cross-platform app development with drag and drop app builder for ios, macos and android. creo combines the traditional design and development process into a single easy-to-use application for unprecedented productivity. alternatives and similar web sites

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