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We guarantee strict criteria for both the quantity and quality of ads running on this site, so your products will never be associated with adware, popups or adult material. We also make sure that pricing is as fair as possible and that your product receives ideal targeting within our website.

Why siteprice.og

  • %50 new visitors.
  • Appr. 250.000 pageviews monthly
  • Appr. 70.000 unique users monthly
  • 3 minutes session duration
  • Webmasters, website/domain buyers&sellers frequently visitors

Size and Positions Available

  • 728x90 on bottom
  • 336x280 or 300x250 center and bottom
  • 160x600 or 160x??? middle right
  • or your offers

Price and Rates

  • Contact us for details support(at)
  • Average rate is around $1-$5 per thousand impressions. It depends on the ad size and locations.
  • The rate is negotiable, and variable based on the ad size, what pages you wish to advertise on and for how long.
  • There is no pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Please provide the following information so we can provide you with a quote.
  • ad size
  • preferred ad placement on page
  • pages you wish to advertise on (all of site, or specific sections/pages)
  • for how long (at least one month)

Advertising Conditions

  • We do not accept text link placements within the content of the site yet.
  • Banners should be web ready and must be approved for usage by the webmaster.
  • Preferred payment by the bank transfer and we will make out an invoice and send over e-mail.
  • Advertisers must specify one URL link which will be referenced in a new window by clicking on the ad banner
  • Payment must be received prior to any ads being displayed.
  • We do not accept ads for gambling, adult sites, ringtones, screensavers or anything else adware/spyware related. Additionally, we generally don't advertise for sites with too many intrusive ads or popups.

Google Adwords

If you do not wish to advertise directly, you can run advertising campaigns and promote your products or websites through Google Adwords.
If you are interested in running ads on this website, you can sign up for adwords and specifically target this website to place your ads directly.


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