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Website Worth 5479 $ 61.3K destination tips
destination tips for mankind. 6260 $ 55K watch & discuss all things weird & interesting is an online community of like-minded users who share and discuss all things weird and interesting from around the world ✓ join today! 4465 $ 31.8K grace communion international
grace communion international is a denomination with 42,000 members in 90 nations. we stress the love of god, the grace of jesus christ, and the communion of the holy spirit. 1326 $ 21K hebrew for christians - learn hebrew for free!
learn hebrew for free. study the hebrew alphabet and names of god. understand hebrew grammar and the hebraic mindset of the bible. gain powerful insights into your christian faith! do hebrew bible study. an online course with exercises, hebrew audio, vocabulary, charts, downloads, and much more. 4464 $ 20.3K the interpreter
the interpreter 734 $ 13.3K ministries
this is a place for those who are serious about worshiping our father in spirit and truth. may yahweh be magnified and may he bless all who seek him. 381 $ 12.9K national *ssociation of scholars | nas
the national *ssociation of scholars upholds the standards of a liberal arts education that fosters intellectual freedom, searches for the truth, and promotes virtuous citizenship. 3000 $ 12.6K 259 $ 10.6K remote viewing, psychic self-defence, remote psychotherapy
remote viewing (viking style) for exploration, remote psychotherapy, and a robust path to enlightenment earthed in the real world & quantum physics 1191 $ 10.5K abarim publications - patterns in the bible
the bible contains patterns that also show up in quantum mechanics and chaos theory. they hint at ancient knowledge of dna, expressed in the ark of the covenant and perhaps also the pyramids. what do you think? 1050 $ 9K the library of halexandriah
the library of halexandriah 10 $ 8.1K the alpha and the omega
'the alpha and the omega' by jim a. cornwell - copyright 1995, explores the correlations of star charts, symbols of the zodiac or mazzaroth in a teleological pattern relating to events, numbers, chronology and lifes of the biblical patriarchs from genesis through revelation. 0 $ 7.8K stellar house publishing - specializing in archaeology, history, astrotheology, mythology and religion
stellar house publishing - specializing in archaeology, history, astrotheology, mythology and religion 1700 $ 7.8K google
google 0 $ 7.4K welcome to
judaism is amazingly diverse! this independent jewish web site is for all jews and seekers who have questions about jewish beliefs, observances, movements, conversion, appologetics, and more. got questions? we've got answers. 500 $ 5.8K truth or tradition? - dedicated to helping you understand the word of god, free from the traditions of men.
there are many ideas about christianity, but our aim is to help people understand what the bible actually says. 0 $ 5.1K god's learning channel | taking god's light to the nations!
god's learning channel | taking god's light to the nations! 304 $ 5.1K 0 $ 4.9K index-horse-doc
alternative medicin for humans and horses 0 $ 4.5K the x-plan group
gruppo indipendente di studio e ricerca su fenomeni “di confine” e scienze come esobiologia, avvistamenti cex, esoterismo, simbolismo, ghost hunting, parapsicologia, criptozoologia. e' attivo a livello internazionale con indagini sul campo, contributi su magazine e conferenze 0 $ 4.4K onegoodkitty - interesting vidoes found in advance - links to the following - online radio, online tv, online lectures, doc*mentaries
interesting videos found in advance, conspiracy theory, conspiracy reality, online radio, online videos, interesting videos by year, links to top lectures and fringe subjects 300 $ 4.3K project camelot portal | getting the truth out
project camelot portal | getting the truth out 800 $ 3.9K beyinsizler | popüler bilim ve teknoloji haberleri
bilim ve teknoloji haberlerini sıcacık ve afiyetle sunar. yapılan klinik araştırmalar zihin açıcı özelliği olduğunu ortaya koymuştur. 0 $ 3.1K
see related links to what you are looking for. 0 $ 3K all 55555's unlimited resources (home)
multi-purpose world-wide multi-billion dollar corporation, godly love,character and integrity, purpose driven, creative, wealth-bulding day in and day out (24/70, true righteousness and holiness, 0 $ 3K 95 $ 2.9K index-pferd-doc
naturheilkunde akupunktuer und homoeopathie bei pferden und menschen 650 $ 2K infinity explorers - let's explore
let's explore 240 $ 1.9K anna von reitz
anna von reitz 20 $ 1.6K 30 $ 1.1K cosmic gaia sophia ~ home to laura magdalene eisenhower
spiritual teachings and earth advocacy work leading to the golden age 222 $ 1K gottwissen uebersicht
gottwissen zu ganz unterschiedlichen themen. was erfahren wir aus der bibel, was aus den mythen, was aus neuoffenbarungen? was wissen die kirchen, und was haben sie uns verschwiegen? 400 $ 1K médium & guérisseur - travailler avec les etres de lumière pour faciliter notre guérison spirituelle et le passage vers l'ère nouvelle
travailler avec les etres de lumière pour faciliter notre guérison spirituelle et le passage vers l'ère nouvelle 0 $ 900 starship earth: the big picture | what's happening on our planet—and why
starship earth: the big picture | what's happening on our planet—and why 100 $ 900 misterio y conspiracin
los mejores programas y vídeos relacionados con el misterio, conspiración, ovnis... espacio en blanco, mundo desconocido, david parcerisa, mundo insólito... 214 $ 800 messianic torah truth-seeker - singa pura -
messianic torah truth-seeker - singa pura - 150 $ 500 315 $ 400 mysterious thing • conspiracy • controversy • ufo & alien • archeology • science • universe • • • • • • • • • • • • |
secrets of indonesia, mysteries, science, conspiracy, controversy, phenomenons - this website was created during “the crop circles phenomenon” in jogjakarta, central java, indonesia on january 23, 2011. although not the first one, but this crop circles in jogjakarta is the largest crop circles in indonesia ever exist. so from that phenomenon, this website about mystery… 0 $ 300 lightworkers linked - where lightworkers can easily find and connect to other lightworkers and who are committed to being of service to others
lightworkers linked is committed to connecting you with other lightworkers whose mission is to be of service to others and to work together in unity so we can make this world a better place. 100 $ 300 théranéo : plateforme qui réunit des sites de thérapeutes/praticiens/coachs
créez votre site facile à gérer, accompagnement gratuit 7j/7, prix mini, bien classé sur google, essai gratuit | pour sophrologue, hypnothérapeute, énergéticien, naturopathe, reiki, magnétiseur, kinésiologue, psychologue, massage... 0 $ 200 home
they lied to us - unveiling how christianity and islam religions were forged, a book written by tunji adeeko 20 $ 100 der bibelkreis
viele menschen suchen nach der wahrheit. der bibelkreis versucht die wahrheit zu erarbeiten. dazu ist dein beitrag nötig. denn nur wenn möglichst viele sichtweisen begutachtet und mögliche fragen diskutiert werden, kann eine objektive betrachtung gewagt werden. möge uns die sachliche überprüfung unseres glaubens zusammenbringen und gott verherrlichen. 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 john mooner ufologist
john mooner ufologist : a ufologist studies ufology i.e. reports, visual records, physical evidence, of ufos, uap, usos, and other phenomena related to unidentified flying objects and alien encounters. alternatives and similar web sites

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