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Website Worth 11000 $ 130K conversational ai platform for enterprise - teneo | artificial solutions
with our conversational ai platform for enterprise - teneo, you can engage your customers over any channel, device or service, in any language, anywhere. 8000 $ 91.3K leading conversational ai & automation platform | uniphore
uniphore, a world leader in conversational ai, offers distinct solutions in conversational automation, self-service, interaction an*lytics, agent security and co-pilot solutions, to enrich the customer service experience 6000 $ 76K virtual *ssistant | verint systems
intelligent virtual *ssistant put conversational ai to work for your business with verint’s market-leading intelligent virtual *ssistant (iva). request a demo 2950 $ 31.9K intelligent virtual *ssistant platform for enterprises |
kore builds intelligent virtual solutions that enhance enterprise-employee experience, customer satisfaction and drive roi for enterprises. 3450 $ 21.5K cx automation platform | ai powered chatbot by is a leading cx automation platform help businesses to automate customer experience while improving reach, responsiveness & personalization. visit now! 0 $ 12.2K amelia france
amelia, une société d'ipsoft, développe des systèmes d'intelligence artificielle depuis plus de 20 ans, notamment la révolutionnaire collègue numérique amelia et la plate-forme autonome d'hyper-automatisation. 950 $ 10.6K 900 $ 10K botjet ai
botjet - conversational ai platform 100 $ 9.7K mindmeld - conversational ai platform for deep-domain voice interfaces and chatbots 50 $ 9K interactions - intelligent virtual *ssistant
interactions provides intelligent virtual *ssistants (iva) that combine ai and human understanding to improve how businesses and consumers communicate. 650 $ 7.8K mindsay | customer service automation
discover how mindsay's roi-centric approach to bots helps you deflect customer requests, decrease handling times, and improve customer satisfaction. 1300 $ 5.9K instant help at work | moveworks
moveworks is the conversational ai platform that delivers instant help at work. when employees need support, moveworks provides the solution. 1350 $ 5.6K homepage
[24] products and solutions enable companies to anticipate and act on consumer intent across any channel. learn more about our ai products for your business needs. 0 $ 5.5K main home - clinc
clinc conversational ai for enterprises supports complex conversational flows to deliver sophisticated voice and chat solutions for all industries. learn more. 205 $ 4.5K smartek21 – welcome to smartek21
smartek21 900 $ 3.9K - home
conversational ai that lets people get **it done 900 $ 3.9K home - georgian
your platform for growth. the fintech for growth-stage founders and ceos. 600 $ 2.8K home - quantiphi, inc.
quantiphi is an award-winning applied ai and data science software and services company driven by the desire to solve transformational problems at the heart of business. 385 $ 2.7K top 10 ai startups
ai startups 600 $ 2.5K low-code conversational ai & automation platform | cognigy
automate customer and employee services through conversational ai implementation across any organization with cognigy. book demo or try free now! 550 $ 2.2K servisbot ai bot platform - ai bots solution for the enterprise
see how conversational ai bot solutions can automate digital engagement across your business, lowering your cost to serve and improving customer and employee experience. 550 $ 2.2K intelligent automation platform | ushur
ushur is the complete solution for intelligent automation. designed for high-contact industries like insurance, logistics and financial services, ushur engages customers over email, apps, sms and more, using conversational ai and intuitive workflows to understand what people are saying and what to do next. 385 $ 2K makerobos - enterprise chatbots 🤖 | chatbot builder platform
build, launch, train ai & nlp enabled enterprise chatbots powered by frontman ai with makerobos - an enterprise chatbot builder platform. build intelligent bots 500 $ 1.9K ai service experience | it service management automation | aisera
aisera provides ai service management (aism) solutions for enterprises to automate it tasks and workflows to deliver exceptional ai service experience. 500 $ 1.9K finn ai | the leading conversational ai platform for banking
finn ai is the leading conversational ai platform for banking, with chatbots to help banks, credit unions, and challenger banks improve customer experience 150 $ 1.6K kasisto | conversational ai for banking & finance
kasisto leads the financial industry with conversational ai technology and intelligent virtual *ssistant solutions built to transform customer engagement. 140 $ 1.6K floatbot - voicebot & chatbot platform | build a voicebot | conversational ai | speech to text, text to speech
floatbot is a omni-channel saas-based voicebot and chatbot development platform that allows to create ai chatbot and voicebot without any coding required. 150 $ 1.4K ai insurtech platform | healthtech | underwriting| claims | pos | policy distribution | onboarding | risk & fraud
artivatic - digital ai insurtech | digital health & wellness | ai underwriting| ai claims | lead, sales & marketing | distribution | on-boarding | risk & fraud - 270 $ 1.3K ai chatbot software & customer service automation - ambit
automate and scale customer service to reduce support costs and drive revenue with ambit's conversational ai chatbot software. 275 $ 1.2K build and deploy ai chatbots easily - druid enterprise chatbots 240 $ 1.2K enterprise bot | conversational ai solutions for enterprises
cost-effective conversational ai solutions to transform customer interaction for enterprises around the world. discover cutting-edge chat, email, and voice tech. 150 $ 1.1K banking artificial intelligence | composite ai banking
bankbuddy is a suite of ai solutions built to power banks and financial institutions with customer experience management, hyper personalization & operations automation. 185 $ 1K chat app
leena is smart ai powered hr companion dedicated towards engaging employees. ai powered cognitive conversation platform with integration to hris will resolve hr services queries faster & improve employee experience. schedule continuous conversations with managers and voice mutual feedback. 210 $ 1K conversational ai platform for financial services | is a singapore based fintech startup with an innovation lab in bengaluru, using artificial intelligence (ai) to deliver conversational ai banking services. we help banks redefine their digital strategy for the future, bringing in automation and insightful customer engagement. 210 $ 1K conversational ai for enterprises - get a smartbot for your organization
get a smartbot for your enterprise. use conversational ai to your advantage by deploying an ai bot for your organization. schedule a demo with us today. 215 $ 1K abe ai | ai-powered banking
abe ai empowers banks and credit unions to deliver world-cl*ss customer service, streamline operations, & drive profitable growth with artificial intelligence. 215 $ 1K artificial intelligence on data and conversations | fluid ai
fluid ai | home page dx | fluid ai 265 $ 900 is the first autonomous ai operating platform built for financial services to expedite the enterprise level adoption of autonomous systems. 265 $ 700 conversational voice ai for customer service - agara
agara is the leader in voice support automation for enterprises using conversational ai. agara's virtual voice agents completely automate routine calls to help you scale support without additional costs. 150 $ 700 conversational ai platform for retail, customer goods - asksid
asksid conversational ai platform offers a full stack ai solution with live chat handoff, vertical ai for retail, cognitive workbench, automated insights. 110 $ 600 умные чат-боты и голосовые ассистенты для сложных бизнес-задач
голосовые чат-боты и ассистенты | платформа ✔️ фреймворк ✔️ кейсы - ★ [email protected] 0 $ 500 nuacem ai-powered digital customer engagement management
nuacem is one of the world's leading conversational ai suite. we build the best ai chatbots for business and their customer engagement. go over and beyond with the market leader in conversational ai. 0 $ 400 smartbothub™ by smartek21 – enterprise-level conversational ai at scale
smartbothub™ by smartek21 - enterprise-level conversational ai at scale 60 $ 300 recommendation and personalization for ecommerce | automat
automat is the best ecommerce personalization and recommendation platform. grow your business with conversational ai, product recommendations and website personalization. 0 $ 300 best ai chatbot software for your business | ada
ai chatbot software that exceeds customer expectations. automated customer support platform built for humans. easy to implement. request a demo today! 100 $ 300 powering customer journeys with smart digital workflows
autonom8 platform enables enterprises to build automated workflows, ai-driven conversational chatbots, and adaptive intelligence to create agile customer journeys. learn more. 0 $ 200 avaamo | conversational ai platform for enterprises using ml and deep learning
learn how to separate hype from reality, and turn artificial intelligence (ai) into real business value with our conversational ai platform. 0 $ 200 conversational ai chatbot | conversation chatbot solutions by offers conversational ai chatbot solutions to drive business growth; acquire new customers & increase user engagement with smart conversation bot. 0 $ 200 conversational ai bot | conversation ai solutions | engagely
engagely’s conversational ai bots are no-code platforms powered by nlp, multilingual and omnichannel support trusted by top industries to automate cognitive decision making 0 $ 200 cbot | conversational ai company for enterprises - chatbot
cbot is a leading conversational ai company that builds virtual *ssistants and chatbot that act with intelligent, human-like conversations. 0 $ 100 – the world leader in conversational ai - better communication through conversational ai 0 $ 100 corover conversational ai chatbot
ai chatbot for website, mobile app,social media and ivr. conversational ai *ssisted intelligence to grow your business. try a free chatbot. 0 $ 0 ���:�������ë����ȹ_쪿���ů��ë������ȹ_��������ë�ر�������ȹ_dz�������蹫˾
dz�������蹫˾�ṩ:�������ë����ȹ��쪿���ů��ë������ȹ����������ë�ر�������ȹ����ϣ��dz�����������ҵ�ڹ�˾���ұ�ʶϊtimesaihub�ij�ʒ��ӧ����ƽ̨�� 4500 $ 63.1K idrbt
:: welcome to idrbt :: 7000 $ 20.9K chatbots life
best place to learn about conversational ai. we share the latest news, info, ai & nlp, tools, tutorials & more. 2000 $ 18.7K equalocean - tech for equal
equalocean is an international information service provider and investment research firm that aims to become a global platform for industrial innovation. we guide organizations with our an*lysis and help them solve complex business problems. 1450 $ 16.1K instabot | a conversion chatbot for your website
instabot is a conversion chatbot for your website. understand users and increase conversions. easily build and launch in 20 minutes or less. 4550 $ 12.8K chatbots magazine
chatbots, ai, nlp, facebook messenger, slack, telegram, and more. 100 $ 9.7K mindmeld - conversational ai platform for deep-domain voice interfaces and chatbots 1450 $ 9.4K - build chatbots for whatsapp, facebook and, website is the best platform for building powerful chatbots for your business. we give exceptional support and effective chat strategies to build the best chatbots for your business.. 0 $ 8.7K contact centre solutions
our multi-channel, self-service communication tools enable you to deliver intelligent customer interactions in a more efficient way. from chatbots and voice *ssistants to biometric brilliance, our solutions allow you to unlock the power of conversation and create customer experiences that exceed expectations at all levels. 13 $ 7.9K conversational components - building blocks for creating chatbots
conversational components - building blocks for creating chatbots 0 $ 7.4K well rounded software, inc.
data science, software engineering, algorithm design -- dr. jonathan a. marshall -- well rounded software, inc. 0 $ 6.4K artificial intelligence resources 2021 - marcus p. zillman
artificial intelligence resources 2021 [download artificial intelligence resources 2021 white paper link compilation} artificial intelligence resources 2021 ( a subject... 650 $ 6.3K | chatbot design and management solution for professionals
the leading visual bot platform to design and create ai chatbots for facebook, whatsapp and web. build integrated solutions to automate customer interactions. 30 $ 5K - data an*lytics and visualization 10 $ 4.4K nova spivack - home page
nova spivack - venture producer 950 $ 3.7K | natural language understanding | semantic platform delivers ai-based solutions that relieve your employees of the burden of reviewing large amounts of doc*ments or sifting through m*ss*s of text messages. 0 $ 3.4K 395 $ 3.2K conversational chatbot automation platform for sales, marketing & support teams - amplifyreach
smarter ai chatbot driven digital experience for next generation on-demand customer engagement. 0 $ 3K jordi villar — code, data and sports
i'm an experienced engineer with more than 10 years of experience. during these years i acquired vast knowledge in several areas and technologies. 0 $ 2.2K looknbe - mode, fashion style, look.
looknbe est le réseau d’échange, d’information et de recommandation sur la mode, le shopping, la beauté et le relooking. nous mettons à votre disposition sur ce site un magazine en ligne spécialisé dans la mise en relation entre :des internautes sensibles à la mode, au look et au shopping et des professionnels / e-commerçants / marques ayant des services ou produits à proposer. 295 $ 1.7K - fun ai programs you can use online
fun ai programs you can use online. ai games, fake people, computer generated art, machine learning demos, and more. 45 $ 1.5K brillig understanding, inc
we create the world's best chatbots and natural language interfaces, using the open source chatscript that we created. 15 $ 1.4K uplike - votre magazine lifestyle
uplike est votre magazine lifestyle. consultez gratuitement nos articles sur les thématiques mode, beauté, santé, nutrition, animaux, sport, auto, finance, maison etc... 0 $ 1.3K 100 $ 1.2K deepset - cutting-edge nlp solutions
we bridge the gap between nlp research and the industry. with our open-source software we enable developers to use latest language models & transfer learning techniques for their individual task. our additional features & services help enterprises to build, run and maintain production-ready nlp applications. 150 $ 1.1K home
kortical delivers accelerated ai solutions, by transparent automl, scalable deployment, ml ops and auto training ai/ ml models. with ai services and consulting 50 $ 1.1K facereader online » emotion recognition software and an*lysis
facereader online is the user-friendly online facial expression an*lysis service that you can now incorporate in your market research. 0 $ 1K data an*lytics group
data an*lytics group keine powerpoint präsentationen, sondern datenan*lysen! 90 $ 800 botscrew
botscrew-development of custom chatbot solutions for facebook messenger, telegram, skype, slack and kik using machine learning, nlp and artificial intelligence 0 $ 600 youcreate technologies
youcreate technologies is an innovative software start up company providing solutions using big data, machine learning, an*lytics, ai, nlp. e-talent :a cognitive product on big data. an*lytic model manager :customized framework to manage complete life cycle of complex an*lytical models in big data world. 125 $ 600 create a smart chatbot on messaging apps and voice. boost your business and improve your customer support.
botnation ai is the best bot building platform for engaging voice and text-based conversational apps. no programming required, build your bot in minutes! 40 $ 500 techno dossier | creating a tech-rich xperience
creating a tech-rich xperience 0 $ 500 chatbot news daily
your #1 source about chatbots in europe. 190 $ 500 no-code machine learning automation platform |’s no-code ai platform helps your company harness ai advantage. visit our homepage to learn more. 20 $ 500 docxonomy – intelligent insight, an*lytics and search for the enterprise
docxonomy is an intelligent insight solution for the enterprise that lets you crawl and an*lyze unstructured and structured data behind the firewall regardless of where it is stored. docxonomy leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to an*lyze all types of files, including office doc*ments, pdfs, videos, audio, and images. we draw context and meaning through this an*lysis, including industry terminology, enabling the platform to automatically classify files, identify entities, recognize similarity, and answer questions. you can deploy docxonomy on-premise or in your cloud of choice, all without requiring a consulting project! setup time is hours and days, not weeks and months. our platform is ready-made and industry-specific so that you can start gaining value immediately. 0 $ 400 welcome to quickhelp nigeria
quickhelp nigeria helps nigerians find businesses close to them, check traffic, buy airtime and discover people and places, the nigerian style. quickhelp is powered by ai. 150 $ 400 paytm labs inc.
paytm labs began as a research and development division of paytm. since 2014, we’ve applied big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to paytm’s data *ssets, providing optimal financial products to over 420 million consumers and over 20 million merchants in india. curious about joining our growing team? get in touch! wait until you see what we have up our sleeves for 2021! 45 $ 400 botpublication
everything about chatbots. from the makers of botlist. 100 $ 400 home - inawisdom
inawisdom use the latest techniques in machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to exploit value in organisation’s data. 100 $ 300 digital times
digital times africa is a multimedia agency that provides a platform promoting african innovation. we curate relevant and credible content for startups, entrepreneurs and technology lovers in africa. 0 $ 300 home | cyberhub summit
cyberhub summit strives to host invaluable summits with an invigorating and innovative atmosphere that delivers education and readiness regarding cyber challenges that hinder their business operations. we, along with our community of elite educators, privacy advocates and security practitioners all strive to to network, learn and solve together. 45 $ 300 swiftwin - excellence accelerated
swiftwin is a niche digital partner enhancing customers experience and engagement for retailers. 0 $ 300 ai tech world | ai | artificial intelligence | machine learning | conference and expo | printworks | london
the ai tech world conference and exhibition is taking place on the 25th & 26th september at printworks, se16, london and will focus on the transformative impact of ai on consumer and enterprise and the advances in machine learning, deep learning and *ssociated technologies driving the ai agenda. 10 $ 200 home | nexaiot your partner in smart manufacturing & industrial 4.0
nexaiot offers the industrial 4.0 solutions and system integration from field to ot to it to iiot to cloud. the in-house designed iat2000 cloud scada system connects the field devices, equipment and facilities to the cloud service (industrial saas) as a seamless industrial internet of things platform. it supports both field and iot protocols, such as fieldbus (profibus, devicenet, canopen, modbus rtu), industrial ethernet (profinet, ethernet/ip, ethercat, modbus tcp) and cloud connectivities (mqtt, amqp, coap, restful api) by iiot gateway. the iat2000 supports major iot suites of cloud service providers (aws, microsoft azure, siemens mindsphere and sap s/4hana, c/4hana) to create ai saas by machine learning algorithm. 0 $ 100 contact us | dataknowl
homepage 0 $ 100 welcome to anetazo technologies
custom website development company in navi mumbai, badlapur 0 $ 100 mlcertific
certify yourself in machine learning certification, and become professional. this is best certification in ai, machine learning, nlp 0 $ 100 artificial intelligence - perspective of artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence today is the ability of machines and programs to an*lyze the information received, process it, and draw conclusions with the help of which decisions are made based on. the main characteristic of ai devices is the ability to constantly learn, quickly process information, acc*mulate knowledge and successfully apply it, that is, the acquisition […] 0 $ 100 ギークなエンジニアを目指す男
機械学習を中心に、ギークなエンジニアとして活躍しようとするブログです。 0 $ 100 bdb-decision platform
bdb ai is introduced with a vision for bringing benefits of automl to everyone. ai integration makes products smarter and more beneficial. by implementing tensorflow with keras apis, makes bdb ai more convenient, easier to create & train deep learning models which can be carried out and used to serve many efficient predictions, and refine future results *ssuring that bdb ai is moving along with latest deep learning technology. bdb ai also aims to provide nlp based advanced an*lytics for human language. 0 $ 100 it and business consulting
nightingale consulting is a team of specialists who provide consulting and implementation services. rpa. digital transformation. artificial intelligence. alternatives and similar web sites

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