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Website Worth 1500 $ 10.9K - turning the news inside out. deconstructs memes propagated as news in mainstream media through “inside-out” truth-based investigative reporting. 0 $ 10K international ufo congress conference and film festival
welcome to the largest ufo conference in the world. our next event is february 22-26, 2012 in phoenix, az. come see over 20 speakers present on ufo related topics. 0 $ 8K welcome to mufon orange county!
welcome to mufon orange county! 265 $ 7.3K health | healing | metaphys | expansions
two of the world’s top metaphysical leaders, janet diane mourglia-swerdlow and stewart a. swerdlow can see auric fields, read dna sequences and mind-patterns. 630 $ 6.1K jimmy church radio - fade to black with jimmy church
jimmy church radio -fade to black -ufos, conspiracy, lost civilizations, time travel and the supernatural. late night talk radio at it's finest 0 $ 6K the philadelphia experiment and montauk survivor accounts - the offical website of alfred bielek - the lone survivor of the philadelphia experiment 0 $ 5.4K enki speaks: anunnaki, ets, contactees, cosmic & earth
sitchin pupils sasha & janet lessin share sumer's tales of ets (anunnaki from planet nibiru) who adapted their genome to earth, to create our species to dig gold. they posed as gods, gave us cities, pitted us against each other. most returned to nibiru after nuclear war &-until recently-left earth to prince marduk. 0 $ 3.5K project pegasus - home
project pegasus - home 650 $ 2K infinity explorers - let's explore
let's explore 25 $ 1.8K contact in the desert | june 25 - 28, 2021
contact in the desert | june 4 - 7, 2021 350 $ 1.7K portal to ascension :: consciousness raising events & webinars
we create and host events and work with a range of conscious presenters in order to explore our hidden origins, extraterrestrial connections, advanced technology and the nature of consciousness; so that we can usher in a reality based on unity, transparency, advanced tech and full disclosure. 165 $ 1.6K kcor digital radio network
the future of radio. the best in alternative talk and new music! 100 $ 1.6K aquarian radio
the age of aquarius is now 65 $ 1K the official website of billy carson | 4biddenknowledge | weston, fl usa
4biddenknowledge tv is a new conscious streaming tv network, by expert host on deep space, a new original streaming series by gaia, billy carson. our series explores the secret space program, revealing extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. 0 $ 1K home - lighting the void
joe rupe hosts this eclectic live radio broadcast 5 nights a week at 9pm-11pm pst on the fringe fm. he explores the mysteries of universe, the paranormal, high strangeness, science, consciousness and our human potential. a show that strives to ignite the late night radio scene with stimulating conversations and interactions with listeners and special guests. 150 $ 900 cosmic news
the truth is universal 0 $ 100 bad ufos: skepticism, ufos, and the universe
a skeptical blog about ufo claims, aliens, etc. 0 $ 100 loading...
loading... 0 $ 0 jim oberg's pioneering space
jim oberg's pioneering space 0 $ 0 home
headline books, inc. 0 $ 0 omnium universe
consciousness expansion, spirituality, new methods in higher learning and healing. 0 $ 0 0 $ 0 0 $ 0 into the parabnormal w/ jeremy scott – somewhere between abnormal and paranormal!
into the parabnormal w/ jeremy scott - somewhere between abnormal and paranormal 0 $ 0 peter maxwell slattery
peter maxwell slattery is an international bestselling author, speaker and et contactee, with one of the most doc*mented ongoing extraterrestrial contact cases in history. 0 $ 0 the emoluments of mars
pseudoscience conspiracy alien visits lunar anomalies 0 $ 0 loading...
loading... 0 $ 0 ufo con 2018
ufo con 2018 0 $ 0 portal to ascension 2021 4 day summit | 5/20 - 5/23
4 day online summit portal to ascension 2021 may 20th – 23rd, 2021 join 1000’s of people around the world, for this online summit to co-create a reality with the full disclosure of humanity’s ancient origins, our spiritual essence, the nature of reality and the universe, the truth of the extraterrestrial presence, and, ultimately, the […] 0 $ 0 extraterrestrial contact
contact begins here, now & with you! 0 $ 0 e.t. contact
e.t. contact 0 $ 0 home
earth citizen consulting 0 $ 0 0 $ 19.4K 1850 $ 17K amightywind ministries | end time messianic jewish pentecostal new blood covenant international prophetic ministry from yahuveh, yahushua and immayah
defending biblical truth, amightywind speaks to the world in over 50 languages. we bring to you updates on the latest events 315 $ 14.4K fifteeneightyfour | cambridge university press | the official blog of cambridge university press
the terms "world christianity" and "global (or world) history" refer to academic fields that have become widespread in recent decades, reflecting the highly interconnected world we live in, and in part attempting to move away from an exclusively western interpretation of how that world works. 0 $ 11.6K the rosicrucian fellowship - an international *ssociation of christian mystics
the rosicrucian fellowship - an international *ssociation of christian mystics for the aquarian age 0 $ 10.7K afterlife knowledge: the truth about life after death
life after death, ghosts, angels, guides, heaven, hell, all exist in the afterlife, and you can prove it to yourself, as bruce moen did. 0 $ 9.5K godaddy security - access denied
renew the hope 0 $ 9.5K prophecy/prophecies, visions, occurrences and dreams
prophecies and warnings (over 2000) about the end of our world, paris will not be paris, south america-africa will be ravaged, and europe destroyed. these messages range from abortion, to new age, to pastors who have misled the flock. they reveal things to come, things that now are and things that should not be… 0 $ 8.7K จุดสำคัญในการเล่นคาสิโน และฟุตบอลออนไลน์
publisher of tools that help people consciously create limitless lives and a limitless world. 100 $ 8.6K i love god. peace is the answer.
site containing sacred texts of various religions. enables visitors to read, share, print, search and download sacred texts. 10 $ 8.1K the alpha and the omega
'the alpha and the omega' by jim a. cornwell - copyright 1995, explores the correlations of star charts, symbols of the zodiac or mazzaroth in a teleological pattern relating to events, numbers, chronology and lifes of the biblical patriarchs from genesis through revelation. 0 $ 8.1K soulfriends home - sharing the journey of our souls
soulfriends is a global community focused on human potential, social fulfillment and spiritual actualization. our website is a portal for information, services and products on psychology, spirituality and community. 0 $ 8K odyssey of the soul
odyssey of the soul - using inner mind and higher spirit for self-healing, personal change, spiritual growth, psychic abilities, and a meditation for altering the future and balancing the earth. 0 $ 8K historel : l'histoire des religions
l'histoire des religions aux temps antiques. ce petit guide vous aidera à comprendre l'évolution des principaux courants spirituels au travers des âges, des rois et des époques. actuellement plusieurs sites sont disponibles : l'histoire religieuse l'egypte antique et de l'orient : mésopotamie, *ssyrie, babylonie, perse et inde. l'histoire d'hérode le grand et la vie de jésus de nazareth dont on fête actuellement le bimillénaire de sa naissance. une recherche concernant les points communs entre la bible et le coran des repères importants qui ouvrent la voie vers l'oec*ménisme. 0 $ 7.8K therapeutic resource company 1-888-331-7114
therapeutic resource company 1-888-331-7114 0 $ 7.8K god on the net
god on the net; christian mega-site, 1,000 pages, all spiritual levels, ages 8+ 55 $ 7.5K home
st pauls and better yourself books are leading online book store in india. we publish christian books like bible, spirituality, jesus, inspirational. 7 $ 7.4K the official peter kreeft site - introduction
this site's featured writing about the ocean of god's love are only a few thimblefuls. for god's love is an infinite, shoreless sea we are destined to swim in, surf in, and grow in forever. 25 $ 7.4K is there a god? ★ who is god?is jesus christ the son of god? proof of god and defense of the christian faith and bible:earth harvest homepage.
have questions like: is there a god? who is god? is jesus christ the son of god? was i created by god like in genesis (intelligent design) or is there truth in darwin's theory of evolution and the big bang theory? god versus satan and the antichrist, false messiahs and false prophets; god's plan for your salvation. what does the christian bible say about witches, witchcraft, and the occult? islam compared to christianity? how do new age practices like yoga, astrology, and meditation fit in with christianity? want answers, proof? all here online: christian bible based apologetics website: earth harvest. 0 $ 7.2K æscir --asc missions group, ntc.
the state of æscir: consciousness, abilities recovery and enhancement, a world of grace. 0 $ 6.9K conscious life expo
welcome to the conscious life expo 2020! purchase day p*ss*s, workshop tickets, and special event tickets here. be a part of the awakening! 0 $ 6.7K esotericism readings - selected esotericism readings is a think tank qualified to an*lyze the movements of conscience linked to mysterial, mystic and devotional traditions 0 $ 6.7K 0 $ 6.6K rose cross order website
official web site of the rose cross order, esoteric rosicrucian fraternity,traditional and initiatory, dedicated to the study and development of humanities higher faculties. 10 $ 6.2K spiritual message boards - spiritboard - spiritual forum
spiritual forums, topics from ascension, angels, meditation, channeling to tantra and yoga. healing circle. esoteric community since 2000. 0 $ 5.7K welcome to was just registered at 0 $ 5.5K welcome to the ghost education & research center & the south texas ghost hunters alliance directory!
gerc is portland, oregon's #1 choice for who to call when you have signs of a ghost, haunting, or paranormal activity. our services are free of charge and we have helped thousands of people over the last 6 years. we respect your privacy and confidentiality so you can rest easy knowing we're here to help. 0 $ 5.4K enki speaks: anunnaki, ets, contactees, cosmic & earth
sitchin pupils sasha & janet lessin share sumer's tales of ets (anunnaki from planet nibiru) who adapted their genome to earth, to create our species to dig gold. they posed as gods, gave us cities, pitted us against each other. most returned to nibiru after nuclear war &-until recently-left earth to prince marduk. 10 $ 3K dove christian counseling center
dove christian counseling online. reaching you in the privacy and comfort of your own home via e-mail online. offering hope and encouragement. 0 $ 2.3K kalki avatar official website (end of world)
official website of kalki avatar 10 $ 2.2K torah online. weekly portions. search. genesis - deuteronomy and more.
torah online. weekly portions. search. genesis - deuteronomy and more. 0 $ 2.2K tessaluna lluvia
tessaluna lluvia ~ world-renowned psychic medium, missing persons, paranormal investigator & profiler, author, radio/tv host and in magazines worldwide. 0 $ 2.1K the arcane archive -
the arcane archive - 0 $ 1.9K personalized beer ale wall clock coffee latte 0 $ 1.8K book tour radio – introducing you to new, emerging, & amazing authors
introducing you to new, emerging, & amazing authors 0 $ 1.6K psycam - - psychic aura map reading experience with sage
transformational law of attraction: hypnosis, energy healing & meditation audios. intuitive abundance coaching for quantum success & life purpose - create true prosperity now! 0 $ 1.6K enki, dieu créateur de la race humaine, enki, creator god of humanity
enki, dieu créateur de la race humaine, un site qui nous éclaire sur nos vraies origines et sur la réalité de ce monde -enki, god creator of humanity , a site which lights us on our real origins and on the reality of this world. 0 $ 600 the refiner's fire
we are not like others who water down the words of elohim; but as of the truth, and as of elohim, we speak in the mashiyach before elohim. (2 corinthians 2:17 0 $ 600 esoteric astrology, esoteric psychology and the seven rays
dr. douglas baker, teacher, healer, scientist and pioneer in the esoteric field, dr. baker's life's work is to present the ancient wisdom and esoteric astrology in the language of the day. 0 $ 600 origins of nations
a site to investigate the true origin of all the races, nations and tribes of the world 0 $ 600 bible truth web site 1996-2011 - sermons, articles on current christian subjects, bible studies, bible questions answered, baptist history, much more
bible truth web site - information on mormonism, lds, cults, bible answers, studies, sermons, questions and answers, new converts class, baptist, obama, beliefs, abortion, same,s*x, marriage history, salvation, creation, creationism, fundamental independent baptists, bible interpretation,expository bible study, new converts class, missions in utah, pentecostal, apologetics, tongues, gifts, spirit, holy, charismatic, 0 $ 600 tessaluna lluvia
tessaluna lluvia ~ world-renowned psychic medium, missing persons, paranormal investigator & profiler, author, radio/tv host and in magazines worldwide. 0 $ 200 home
they lied to us - unveiling how christianity and islam religions were forged, a book written by tunji adeeko 0 $ 100 wulfmeier consulting - startseite
wulfmeier consulting richtet sich an geschã¤fts- und privatkunden, im finanz u. wirtschaftsbereich. es werden beratungsmodelle nach astrologischen grundlagen- mit zeitlich konkreten aussagen erstellt. es werden neue chancen erarbeitet, um neue wege fã¼r unternehmen, sowie deren unternehmer zu erschlã¼sseln, um diese wachsen zu lassen. das wachstum wird sich im wirtschaftlichen sektor als auch in persã¶nlichen belangen zeigen. die methoden mit denen wir arbeiten, sind sehr altes astrologisches wissen welches individuell angepasst wird. 0 $ 100 mystic goddess new age spiritual metaphysical pagan wiccan witchcraft store in clearwater, florida
mystic goddess your one stop store for spiritual metaphysical new age pagan wicca wiccan witchcraft ceremonial ritual supplies and goods 0 $ 100 love & spirit - - applying the law of attraction to your prosperity, passion & purpose in life
inspirational resources for conscious living, loving, holistic healing, spirituality. intuitive readings, law of attraction hypnocoaching, soulmates matchmaking. 0 $ 100 aslamna pages web musulmanes
divers articles sur le dogme islamique, la jurisprudence selon le rite shaféite, l'exégèse coranique et la vie du prophète mohammed. 0 $ 100 first baptist church jayton - jayton texas
our church has been sharing the love of christ with others since 1898. we are a loving church and a body of believers who worship god and invite all people to join us in trusting jesus christ as savior and lord. we are re-thinking church with a new vision that inspires hope, faith, and action. our desire is that we take action and be more actively engaged with the needs of people in the community at large. we welcome others to join us in our transition as we rethink church and reach out to others. 0 $ 100 synergenics™
international university, dept. of consciousness studies/synergenicsetc educational study programs and business consultation services based on advanced theories of consciousness. 0 $ 100 enjoy whole health - texas' oldest broad spectrum holistic health magazine
enjoy whole health magazine...a texas-proud resource for the promotion of holistic health and with it the creation of higher consciousness, health, wellness and joy. 0 $ 100 alternatives and similar web sites

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