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Website Worth 0 $ 10.2K Coyote Communications / Jayne Cravens
Resources and services for nonprofits, non-governmental organizations/NGOs, civil society and public sector agencies; resources regarding international development; pioneering information about technology use by nonprofits 0 $ 8.9K Home - ICOM - ICOM
International Council of Museums 5 $ 8.8K Welcome to Interleges | Interleges
Welcome to Interleges | Interleges 0 $ 7.3K 300 $ 6.9K Illuminati News Welcome Page
All this chaos, genocide, ethnic cleansing and disaster we see in this world have a genuine purpose. It is all very carefully planned by a few “invisible”, super-rich people behind the scenes, high above any power structure that the ordinary citizen knows about. They want to create a One World Government with themselves in charge, making the rest of us slaves in a Super Socialist State that would make former Soviet Union look like Paradise, in comparison...! 30 $ 6.6K 0 $ 6K Home Page
WATAN,leading,Civil,Society,Organization,delivering,emergency,relief,third,sector,support,long,term,internationa,development,projects,committed,helping,people,reviving,communities,independent,non,governmental,apolitical,nonsectarian,organization,operate,several,integrated,programs,aim,addressing,humanitarian,emergency,response,sustainable,community,revival,through,holistic,transformative,approach,believe,role,various,phases,intervention,invest,supporting,developing,areas,reach,create,platform,coordination,integration,maximize,impact,communities,served,achieve,goal,seek,preferred,partner,international,agencies,specialization,reach,established,2012,framework,merging,number,organizations,groups,extensive,community,development,2006,mission,develop,sustainable,healthy,educated,communi,based,inclusive,society,positively,engages,supports,improves,lives,each,individual,regardless,gender,faith,ethnicity,deliver,programs,rebuild,lives,maintain,community,social,cohesion,providing,transformative,programs,reliefs,post,conflict,peace,building,education,economic,empowerment,advocacy,development,strong,vision,envision,free,dignified,society,based,tolerance,respec,social,justice,focus,center,because,fragmented,intervention,would,lead,sustainable,impact,believe,building,strong,thrive,innovation,agility,continued,transformation,values,creativity,transparency,partnership,respect, work,watan,currently,working,syria,turkey,address,emergency,response,sustainable,community,revival,bringing,about,real,positive,change,millions,people,Izmir,Istanbul,Ankara,Mersin,Adana,London,United,States,Germany,Jordan,Canada, Global, international,WATAN,Watan,Board,Leadership,governed,volunteer,unpaid,Board,plays,active,role,governance,provides,advic,policy,advocacy,fundraising,public,relations,Moaz,AlSibaai,Chairman,Founder,Anas,AlSibaai,CPA,Vice,Chairman,Co,Founder,founding,members,years,experience,finance,management,audit,including,being,finance,manager,volunteer,work,addition,Focus,governance,complian 0 $ 5.5K dmClub - Business and Free Personal Phone and Fax Numbers with Unified Messaging (Phone, FAX and Email)
Get low cost 0800, 0845, 0207, 0870 and 0871 Business Numbers or a Personal Phone Number absolutely Free ! All numbers come with a powerful virtual switchboard facility and unified messaging, when someone calls you the system will hunt all of your phones until it finds you, unanswered calls are diverted to your personal voicemail and retrieved by email or phone. You can also have a separate fax number and get faxes delivered to you by email. An optional live telephone answering service is also available. 0 $ 5.1K LONG ISLAND INFO- Long Island's Home on The Net!
Long Island Info is Long Island's #1 resource for business, dining, entertainment, health, sports, clubs, shopping, listings, reference, message boards, chat, information, companies, suffolk and nassau county,chat, message board, classified ads, listings, businesses, Long Island, New York City, Suffolk, Nassau, counties, area, info, beauty, contractors, services, schools, libraries, search engine, classifieds, chat rooms, messages, free e-mail, e-mail, school districts, real estate, living, life, beaches, travel, property, search, business, companies, bars, taverns, restaurants, sports, tickets, reference, pets, kids, parents, teachers, books, LI, coliseum, e-mail, free, autos, boats, cars, advice, contactors, construction, doctors, lawyers, insurance, yellow, listings, pages, weather, home, ocean, beaches, babies, nursery, health, night clubs, dining, wine, shopping malls, mall,516, Suffolk, Nassau county, NYC, N.Y., boutiques, law, accounting, accountants, transportation, lodging, train, schedule, bus, car, cab, taxi, arts, crafts, gardening, nursery, babies, children, kids, health, chatroom, messageboard, personal ads, personals, lost children, eat, eating, drinks, drinking, party, parties, teaching, school systems, pictures, photographs, #1, best, book, phone, computer, stores, archive, re-union, professional services, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, flooring, carpet, mall, Long island, infomation 220 $ 5K 0 $ 4.9K Independent Modeling, IndependentModeling.Com. Changing the business of modeling. Established September 4, 2001. Tampa Bay, Florida. An international modeling resource site for freelance independent models, modeling industry photographers, and the businesses which book them. The agency way is no longer the only way.
Independent Modeling is the world’s most advanced modeling resource site, a free career and industry resource for independent freelance models, photographers, and the businesses which book them. Changing the business of modeling, Independent Modeling is the next generation, and the next level, of the modeling industry, empowering professional freelance independent models, modeling industry photographers, and businesses to manage and market their own careers, avoiding modeling scams and industry risks by not being dependent upon modeling and talent agencies. Independent freelance models are superior to limited agency represented models, as they call the shots and put the agencies in their proper place. Independent models manage every aspect of their careers, ranging from the modeling portfolio photographers needed for them to invest in an effective, relevant modeling portfolio, a portfolio which they will need to market their careers and book modeling jobs, composite cards, web sites, and other career tools, to the modeling agencies which they will allow to find work for them. Independent Modeling was inspired by one of the first modeling resource sites, Florida Models, which was established in 1996 by Kitania Kavey and Ken Horkavey. Independent Modeling was established on September 4, 2001, by photographer and modeling expert C. A. Passinault. Independent Modeling continued groundbreaking, revolutionary modeling resource work through its regional modeling resource spin-off site, Tampa Bay Modeling, starting in 2004, and Tampa Bay Modeling became one of the most effective modeling resource sites in the world. Independent Modeling is now the most advanced modeling resource site in the world, and in an ironic case of things going full circle, the original inspiration, Florida Models, was acquired by Independent Modeling in September 2012, and became an Independent Modeling site. 0 $ 4.9K, Seek no more! Find what U search here!
Comprehenssive Pay per Click search engine. Submit your site to improve qualified visitors.Offering affiliate program. 35 $ 4.2K Ovi Magazine : Finland's English Online Magazine
Opinionated daily online magazine from Finland, culture, society, art, cartoons, free ebooks, politics and contemporary news from around Europe and the world. 0 $ 3.9K Bulk SMS Messages
The leading provider of Bulk SMS & services, with coverage to 550 networks 170 countries 0 $ 3.3K GLCA - Home
The Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA) is a task force of world leaders committed to addressing climate change through international negotiations. A joint initiative of the United Nations Foundation and the Club of Madrid, the GLCA consists of former heads of state and government as well as leaders from business, government and civil society from more than 20 countries, The Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA) is a task force of world leaders committed to addressing climate change through international negotiations. A joint initiative of the United Nations Foundation and the Club of Madrid, the GLCA consists of former heads of state and government as well as leaders from business, government and civil society from more than 20 countries. 0 $ 2.6K 0 $ 2.4K izmir tercüme, tercüme izmir, translation izmir, izmir çeviri, tercüme alsancak, çeviri alsancak, tercüman izmir, tercüme bürosu izmir, ingilizce tercüme izmir, çeviri bürosu izmir, yeminli tercüman, ingilizce tercüme, almanca tercüme, rusça tercüme, ispanyolca tercüme, yeminli tercüme, tercüman, çevirmen, business translation, çeviri, tercüme, çeviri izmir, tercüme izmir, çevirmen, tercüman, çevirmen izmir, tercüman izmir, yeminli çeviri, yeminli tercüman, çeviri bürosu, tercüme bürosu, çeviri
çeviri, tercüme, çeviri izmir, tercüme izmir, çevirmen, tercüman, çevirmen izmir, tercüman izmir, yeminli çeviri, yeminli tercüman, çeviri bürosu, tercüme bürosu, çeviri hizmeti, tercüme hizmeti, ingilizce, almanca, fransýzca, italyanca, ispanyolca, portekizce, hollandaca, flemenkçe, danca, isveççe, norveççe, rusça, ukraynaca, fince, arapça, hukuki çeviri, teknik çeviri, týp çevirisi, hukuki tercüme, týp tercümesi, teknik tercüme, fransizca tercüme, italyanca tercüme, rusça tercüme, arapça tercüme, italyanca tercüme, ispanyolca tercüme, farsça tercüme, ingilizce çeviri, almanca çeviri, fransizca çeviri, rusça çeviri, italyanca çeviri, macarca çeviri, tercüman, tercüme bürosu, yeminli tercüman, ingilizce tercüme, almanca tercüme, fransizca tercüme, arapça tercüme, rusça tercüme, ingilizce, ingilizce çeviri, ingilizce, ingilizce tercüman, ingilizce tercüme, italyanca tercüme, ispanyolca tercüme, yunanca tercüme, japonca tercüme, çince tercüme, farsça tercüme, bulgarca tercüme, ingilizce türkçe tercüme, ingilizce tercüman, ingilizce tercüme, ingilizce çeviri 0 $ 2.4K Praworządność i Etyka - Najnowsze Wiadomości.
Świadomy Obywatel. To nie politycy zmieniają Kraj, ale jego obywatele. Świadomość oraz aktywność społeczna indywidualnego obywatela., Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!!, Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!!, Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!!, Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!!, Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!!, Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!!, Katastrofa pod Smoleńskiem. A może było tak!! 0 $ 2.2K 0 $ 2.2K Magyar Infokommunikácis Jelentés - BellResearch
Magyar Infokommunikácis Jelentés - BellResearch 0 $ 2K The Emet Report
Online news and information service on the Middle East 0 $ 1.8K Erkol Web Teknolojileri ve Bilişim Hizmetleri
Kurumunuz için ihtiyaç duyduğunuz Profesyonel Web tasarım, Web yazılım, Kurumsal Kimlik ve Danışmanlık Hizmetlerini sunan, geniş ve kurumsal portföyü bulunan profesyonel bir firmadır. 240 $ 1.5K 0 $ 1K 0 $ 1K 0 $ 1K 0 $ 1K PART TIME JOBS India's No.1 Online Part Time Jobs Data Entry Jobs From Home Part Time Work Online in India Data Entry Jobs From Home
Instantly Start Work Live in India, Earn Rs.25000-500000 Per Month, Survey Jobs In India , work for the world,with online part time jobs were you can earn money on the internet at home. India data entry jobs from home so you can earn a part time income working at home for global companies, part time jobs are available online right now. online jobs, online job, work at home, work from home, home based jobs, internet jobs, form filling jobs, online surveys,india online jobs, part,full time jobs, make money online, email reading jobs, get paid to read email, earn rupees, online home jobs,survey jobs,data entry,data enty jobs, free data entry, online data entry part time jobs,data entry jobs,part time jobs for students,work from home,part time jobs for housewives,work at home,online jobs,home based jobs,internet jobs,form filling jobs,india online jobs,make money online,earn rupees,online home jobs,free data entry jobs,online data entry Part Time Jobs | Data Entry Jobs | Earn Money Online Work From Home | Part Time Jobs For Students | Part Time Jobs For Housewives part time jobs for students & housewives. Work from Home doing data entry jobs. Earn Rs. 50,000/month. No investment. Free Training. Earn Money online doing Part Time Jobs. Part time jobs for all. Online Data Entry. Data entry jobs Bestresource to work at home jobs, part time online , online paid surveys, data entry jobs, online work from home and internet home based jobs Work from home, work at home, part time online jobs, online paid surveys, home business, net jobs, internet jobs, data entry, data entry jobs, form filling jobs, home jobs, online jobs from home Earn Rs.40000 per month by doing simple Part time Home based online surveys jobs.Searching of Part time internet jobs,Online Jobs,Home Based jobs,WorkFrom Home, Make Money Online,Data Entry Jobs Opportunities? No Investment Required. work from home, work at home, work from home jobs, Home Based Business, online jobs, easy internet money, part ti 0 $ 1K 0 $ 1K People & Knowledge Works Consulting
People & Knowledge Works Consulting 15 $ 800 Illuminati Puppet - Exposing The Agenda!
Illuminati Puppet - Exposing The Illuminati New World Order Agenda! 0 $ 700 The FCE
The FCE is certified as Forensic Computer Examiner by the ISFCE. Whether it is for a Forensic Computer Investigation, Forensic data acquisition, data recovery, password decryption, permanent data deletion, Web browsing activity reconstruction or E-Mail activity reconstruction, the FCE will work with you, to provide a fair, neutral and uncompromised process during the case investigation. The integrity of FCE’s policies, and procedures will ensure the evidence admissibility in court. Located on the border of Ontario and Québec, our services are provided all over the Provinces of Ontario and Québec. 0 $ 600 0 $ 400 0 $ 400 0 $ 400 PROPEROFFER [FOR SALE] - |,,properoffer,proper,offer,property,offering,market,business,success,buy,store,market,price,sell,real,estate,access,agent,alienation,apartment,appraisal,appropriation,areas,attached,bedroom,broker,bubble,buildings,buyer,buying,categories,china,co-op,commercial,common,complex,condominiums,contract,cooperative,crown,deed,defined,definition,detached,dictionary,dwellings,economics,economy,edit,education,equitable,estate,fishing,future,general,gift,gross,home,housing,include,individual,interest,investment,john,land,law,lease,legal,list,living,loan,log,mineral,mortgage,multi-story,multi-unit,natural,number,owned,ownership,people,plunder,possession,private,property,rating,real,rent,residential,residents,resource,retrieved,rights,room,rule,selling,separate,shared,single,space,square,state,tenure,term,theory,title,topics,trends,trust,types,uk,units,used,usufruct,walls,water,,accelerate,achieve,advantage,around,associated,attention,balanced,based,behind,best,business,business,into,careful,changing,clients,competitive,comprehensive,controlled,corporate,creating,culture,customized,decisions,dedicated,deliver,design,developers,drivers,either,embrace,employees,empowers,enterprise,enterprise,we,equity,estate,exceed,excellence,expectations,experience,expertise,firms,firstservice,flexibility,global,goal,governance,industry,innovate,international,investors,key,leader,learn,level,listening,local,loosely,majority,managers,markets,model,needs,networks,nimbly,offers,offices,owners,ownership,partnerships,people,personal,platform,professionals,property,real,resources,service,singular,spirit,strategic,strive,structure,subsidiary,subtle,success,system,tenants,think,tightly,transform,truly,ultimately,uncovering,understand,unique,united,world,worldwide,online,store,e-shopping,shop 0 $ 400 - Real Estate | Property in India | Buy/Sale/Rent Properties
PrimeColony - Search Real Estate Properties in India, the best property site to Buy, Sell, Rent residential and commercial properties . 0 $ 300 ARINCO Technologies Inc.
A global expert in innovative artificial intelligence and advanced computing technologies, specializing in mobile strategy, design, and development. 0 $ 200 Advokaadibüroo Kaido Uduste
Advokaadibüroo Kaido Uduste osutab õigusabi paljudes õiguse valdkondades. 0 $ 100 HDD GmbH Werbeagentur Moenchengladbach
Willkommen bei der Werbeagentur HDD GmbH in Moenchengladbach. HDD ist eine ganzheitlich operierende Agentur für strategisch-kreative Kommunikationslösungen im internationalen Netzwerk von Hakuhodo. HDD: European Advertising with a Dash of Japan. 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 Orelius | Advocaten - Avocats - Lawyers
Orelius | Advocaten - Avocats - Lawyers 0 $ 100 0 $ 100 0 $ 100

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