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Website Worth 63500 $ 237K most accurate prayer times, quran, athan and qibla direction | islamicfinder
get the most accurate prayer times, qibla direction for more than 6 million places. read quran, duas and check today’s date from hijri gregorian calendar. find nearby mosques. islamicfinder shows the most accurate/authentic sehar time and iftar time in the holy month of ramadan. 6000 $ 76.9K helping hand for relief & development
hhrd is a global humanitarian relief and development organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world. in addition to our emergency relief efforts in natural or man-made disasters, we also work on long term relief and development programs. 11500 $ 50.8K islamicity - the global muslim ecommunity
islam & the global muslim ecommunity - explore - connect - elevate ( faith - society - science - politics ) 3200 $ 38.2K home
home - seekersguidance 726 $ 29.8K zakat foundation of america
zakat foundation of america is a us-based, muslim-run charity organization that channels the spirit of zakat into a global vision of social development. 6500 $ 25.7K
calendars and holidays from around the world. 5625 $ 25.4K .: dar al-iftaa | بوابة دار الإفتاء المصرية :.
إن دار الإفتاء المصرية منذ إنشائها عام 1895م/ 1313هـ وهي تقف شامخةً في طليعة المؤسسات الإسلامية التي تتحدث بلسان الدين الحنيف وترفع لواء البحث الفقهي بين المشتغلين به في كل بلدان العالم الإسلامي، فتقوم بدورها التاريخي والحضاري من خلال وصل المسلمين المعاصرين بأصول دينهم وتوضيح معالم الطريق إلى الحق، وإزالة ما التبس عليهم من أحوال دينهم ودنياهم كاشفةً عن أحكام الإسلام في كل ما استجد على الحياة المعاصرة 2979 $ 24.8K
building bridges of understanding 3600 $ 20K muslim charity - donate zakat & sadaqah | islamic relief uk
islamic relief uk is an international aid and development charity working to end poverty, illiteracy and disease. we are part of the dec. please donate now. 1250 $ 17.7K hidaya foundation - hidaya foundation
hidaya foundation is a us based 501(c)3 that help the poor and needy around the world. 1600 $ 17.6K
info about moonsighting, islamic calendar, prayer times, and qibla direction along with info about when and where on earth moonsighting is possible 606 $ 16.7K welcome to minhaj-ul-quran international
minhaj-ul-quran international is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization (ngo) working in over 100 countries around the globe. its main emphasis is towards the betterment of m*ss*s on social, cultural, and religious footings, to enlighten them with the knowledge of their rights and duties and to present a realistic, rational and scientific picture of islam. 5000 $ 16K about islam
about islam helps muslims grow in faith and spirituality, supports new muslims in learning their religion and builds bridges with fellow human beings. 2700 $ 15.5K islamic relief muslim charity organization | islamic donation | islamic relief usa
islamic relief usa provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the world. work with us to help those in need. 3700 $ 15.4K alhabib web service: coloring with islam
this site provides muslims with free services and widgets for islamic holidays, observance, and life styles. a collection of free islamic greeting cards with thoughtful wisdom, as well as flash animated cards are available. those who want to decorate their websites or blogs with islamic style can go for islamic clocks, calendar or other islamic widgets. there is also a hijri christian date converter on the site. and the qibla pointer will tell the qibla direction or direction to the ka'bah in makkah by displaying a google map. lastly, there is a review about pictures dubbed the signs or miracles of allah or islam. 1600 $ 15K muis: majlis ugama islam singapura - home
the majlis ugama islam singapura (muis), also known as the islamic religious council of singapore, was established as a statutory body in 1968 when the administration of muslim law act (amla) came into effect. under amla, muis is to advise the president of singapore on all matters relating to islam in singapore. 1750 $ 14.7K muslim aid donations | muslim aid
make your ramadan donation count for 2018 by donating with muslim aid. choose from a number of our appeals such as feed the fasting, syria emergency or gaza water appeal. donate your zakat online today. 455 $ 13.9K ummah welfare trust (uwt) committed to 100% donations
a uk-based international relief and development charity established in 2001. the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world, inspired by the islamic teachings of empathy, generosity and selflessness 1650 $ 12.2K homepage
your online resource for accurate and unbiased information about islam religion and muslims, providing true facts about islam, free e-books and mosque tours 2240 $ 11.9K east london mosque
the east london mosque & london muslim centre offers a range of islamic religious services, social welfare support, educational activities, and wider community engagement. 425 $ 10.7K islamic networks group (ing) - islamic networks group (ing)
islamic networks group (ing) is a peace-building organization providing face-to-face education and engagement opportunities that foster understanding of muslims and other misunderstood groups to promote harmony among all people. schedule a panel or presentation 1250 $ 10.4K - islam | news | muslim lifestyle | muslim forums | islamic events...
islam | news | muslim lifestyle | muslim forums | islamic events... | what is islam, muslim, news, hijab, halal 1600 $ 10.4K home
are you living the best version of yourself: spiritually, physically, & socially? visit to take the free *ss*ssment and discover practical tools and strategies to live your best self today. 2250 $ 10.2K online holy quran reading and live tutoring academy
online holy quran reading and live tutoring academy 1000 $ 10.1K welcome to -
over 500 articles and resources about islam, muslims and allah by a wide range of respected authors. 350 $ 9.6K donate to islamic help | charity empowering people in need
islamic help is a uk-based charity that empowers those in need. in 2019, we helped over 1 million people in 17 countries. donate today to transform a life. 115 $ 9.2K uk islamic mission | muslim charity | donate now
with the help of your contributions, uk islamic mission has been providing clean water, food packs and shelter for those in need since 1962. please donate today 1114 $ 8.7K sucuri website firewall - access denied
islamic relief worldwide - faith inspired action 1000 $ 8.2K 618 $ 6.3K عائلة نستله: وصفات طبخ، منتجاتنا، والمزيد | عائلة نستله
لكل المهتمين بالإطلاع على الكثير من الوصفات المطبخ تقدم لكم نستله تشكيلة كبيرة من وصفات الطبخ والعديد من المنتجات. للإطلاع على المزيد زوروا موقعنا. 100 $ 5.8K muslim charity - donate zakat & sadaqah | islamic relief canada
islamic relief canada is an international aid and development charity working to end poverty, illiteracy and disease. donate your zakat & sadaqah now. 485 $ 5.1K when is - dates of religious and civil holidays around the world
when is - dates of religious and civil holidays around the world. 150 $ 4.5K ichild
ichild offers downloadable crafts and activities for children, or kids, to support your child’s creativity and development. ichild provides educational resources and worksheets for preschool and primary school children. 215 $ 3.5K my religion islam, our religion islam | home page
knowledge about islam, christianity, judaism and other religions, all islamic issues of most interest, ahl as-sunnat (suna) belief, answers to your question about religion by e-mail, qoran-al-karim (quran), hadith-as-sharifs, our prophet mohammad (muhammed) alaihis-salam, sahaba (the blessed)... 500 $ 3.1K transparent hands - providing free medical & surgical care
transparent hands is a nonprofit organization working in the health sector in pakistan and providing free surgeries and medical treatments to poor people. 55 $ 2.8K icna relief canada - no borders no boundaries
icna relief canada is an international organization dedicated to emergency relief, community welfare and social development, and the empowerment of individual lives. 290 $ 2.7K global sadaqah | pay zakat, sadaqah & waqf online
qurban 2021 global qurban campaign help spread smiles across the world. choose to give your qurban in 15 countries. click here salam - hello! we are an award winning csr, zakat and waqf management platform working together with stakeholders including religious bodies, foundations, banks, corporates, and the public to increase the efficiency, sustainability and impact… read more »global sadaqah 0 $ 2.1K human relief foundation | an international charity
for over two decades human relief foundation has been instrumental in saving lives & relieving suffering in some of the poorest regions of the world. qurbani - zakat - sadaqah 375 $ 2K home - prayer times and adhan player
home - prayer times and adhan player 292 $ 1.9K islamic aid - changing lives for good - donate now zakat (zakah) | sadaqah | refugee services | flood & disaster relief worldwide
islamic aid is an international relief and development charity striving to make immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of peopole affected by poverty, war and disaster. 100 $ 1.2K maa international
maa international is an international relief and development agency working to support and *ssist the world's poorest and most needy communities regardless of race, creed or nationality. 175 $ 900 homepage
جمعية الإحسان الخيرية 170 $ 600 homepage
islamic relief: we are a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and alleviating suffering globally. 110 $ 300 imran khan cancer appeal - leading cancer charity
imran khan cancer appeal official website. for 26 years you have trusted us with your zakat and sadaqah. see how it has saved lives. 0 $ 300 happy ramadan kareem quotes, greetings images, wishes [2021] ☪️
ramadan (ramadhan or ramzan) kareem 2021 is a 9th month on the muslims calendar, which is known as fasting month (roza) also, which is the known to be one 0 $ 200 home | muslim hands uk
providing emergency relief and life saving aid since 1993. united for the needy. 30 $ 200 orphans in need | global orphan charity
orphans in need is a uk charity that aims to create opportunities for orphans and widows after tragedy has come into their lives. 0 $ 200 ramadan kareem calendar 2021
according to ramadan kareem calendar, in this year of 2021, the holy month of ramadan started on monday, 12th april. and as obvious this holy month ended on 11th of may with the start of eid al-fitr on next day. 0 $ 100 muslim islamic charity |
penny appeal aids people in over 30 crisis-hit countries worldwide. your donations help build wells, care for orphans, deliver medical aid, meals and open schools and orphanages 0 $ 100 al mustafa welfare trust | helping build a better tomorrow
dedicated to eradicating global poverty, for 30 years we delivered life-saving humanitarian aid worldwide, transforming the lives of million of people in need. 0 $ 0 muslim charity | 100% donation policy | donate now & save muslim lives
unite 4 humanity is an international aid and development uk muslim charity working to end poverty, illiteracy and disease. donate now and save lives. 0 $ 0 crisis aid
crisis aid - donate zakat, sadaqah, kafarrah, fidyah and sadaqah jariyah to help provide food, water, and shelter for orphans and refugees. 181000 $ 2M south atlantic water science center (sawsc)
our center's priority is to continue the important work of the department of the interior and the usgs, while also maintaining the health and safety of our employees and community. based on guidance from the white house, the cdc, and state and local authorities, we are shifting our operations to a virtual mode and have minimal staffing within our offices. 179000 $ 2M human health
human health 20500 $ 148K home home page 12989 $ 97.2K 乐开彩票|官网-APP
همه چیز درباره مهندسی عمران 0 $ 49.4K usgs publications warehouse
the publications warehouse contains over 150,000 publications that cover the 150 year history of the usgs 0 $ 39.1K spectroscopy lab
researchers at the usgs spectroscopy lab are studying and applying methods for identifying and mapping materials through spectroscopic remote sensing (called imaging spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging,imaging spectrometry, ultraspectral imaging, etc), on the earth and throughout the solar system using laboratory, field, airborne and spacecraft spectrometers. 0 $ 32.1K caltech seismological laboratory
caltech's seismological laboratory, an arm of the division of geological and planetary sciences (gps), was established in 1921. it has a distinguished history of leadership in science and serving the public interest. internationally recognized for excellence in geophysical research and academics while also having outstanding facilities in seismic networks, high performance computing, and mineral physics, makes the seismo lab an ideal place for study and research. the lab serves as a focal point for earthquake information in southern california and the world. 0 $ 29.2K virginia and west virginia water science center
we operate streamgages, observation wells, and monitoring stations that provide reliable scientific information needed to make informed decisions. we use advanced science and an*lytical methods to investigate and understand our natural world. 0 $ 28.2K discover magazine
discover satisfies everyday curiosity with relevant and approachable science news, feature articles, photos and more. 1500 $ 25.8K africafocus home page
africafocus home page 2450 $ 23.8K peace and collaborative development network - building bridges, networks and expertise across sectors
a professional networking site for individuals & organizations worldwide involved in development, conflict resolution and related fields. 103 $ 23.4K conflict and health
conflict and health is a highly-accessed open access journal doc*menting the public health impacts and responses related to armed conflict, humanitarian ... 3500 $ 18.5K islam 101
islam 101 is an educational site on islam, muslims, its theology, rituals, human rights, jihad, sharia and history. 325 $ 13.2K u.s. sar task force main page
search and rescue and disaster response department 2400 $ 11.2K lembaga zakat selangor
lembaga zakat selangor 15 $ 10.5K - disaster survival | earthquake | nuclear | solar storm
disaster survival store and resource center for earthquake, flood, hurricane, nuclear, solar storm, tornado, tsunami, volcano and wildfire. 450 $ 9.9K donate free to charity! you click, sponsors pay! dozens of charities and good causes to choose from!
the nonprofits - click on a link to donate free to good causes and charities at no cost to you! - sponsors pay so your donations are free. dozens to choose from! also non profit and volunteer links and information. 50 $ 9.5K awesome library
awesome library organizes 37,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent for k-12 teachers, students, parents, and librarians. 50 $ 9.3K seismic isolators | earthquake protection systems | united states
earthquake protection systems specializes in the manufacturing of seismic isolators that save lives while minimize damage and reduce costs of construction. 115 $ 9.2K uk islamic mission | muslim charity | donate now
with the help of your contributions, uk islamic mission has been providing clean water, food packs and shelter for those in need since 1962. please donate today 1050 $ 9.1K al-kanz - economie islamique en france et dans le monde
économie islamique et actualités autour des musulmans 0 $ 7.8K welcome to
cry the beloved mind: voyage of hope: vernon neppe's sciction book educates laypersons through fascination: brain medications, medical ethical dilemmas, depression, seizures, psychosis, herbs, generics 0 $ 6.1K steel framed buildings | steel buildings | steel frame structures
construction and design of multipurpose steel framed buildings and steel frame structures including commercial ,industrial and portal frame buildings by reid steel in the uk and internationally. 190 $ 6K sucuri website firewall - access denied
icna relief usa is multicultural community building organization which fulfills basic human needs and provides social services to the underserved. 100 $ 5.8K muslim charity - donate zakat & sadaqah | islamic relief canada
islamic relief canada is an international aid and development charity working to end poverty, illiteracy and disease. donate your zakat & sadaqah now. 5 $ 5.5K bismillahirrahmanirrahim - islam merkezi
bismillahirrahmanirrahim - islam merkezi 0 $ 5.5K forum angka jitu forum angka jitu sgp sdy hk
forum angka jitu sgp sdy hk adalah tempat para pecinta togel sekalian mendapatkan informasi togel. selama ini banyak dari para member togel sekalian yang 0 $ 5.5K online islamic
islamic religion, muslim religion products from islamic faith, islamic history, muslim women and family, arabic dictionary, quran translation, poetry, muslim baby names, arab culture, middle eastern recipes, politics, and worship and spirituality. 0 $ 5.1K funny sms | love sms | sms joke | friendship sms | flirt sms | hindi urdu sms | wise word
a large text message collection of funny mobile phone sms txt messages. send these cute love sms, naughty sms, insult sms, rude sms, friends sms, kiss sms, birthday sms, urdu sms, hindi sms, punjabi sms, free sms, christmas sms messages and wise words to your loved ones. 70 $ 3.9K disaster management: helping you to be prepared
this site provides information on disasters - type of disasters, how to respond to them, and how to be prepared for disaster. 220 $ 3.6K natural history on the net main page
general natural history site with a range of topics and activities 50 $ 3.6K homepage |
araha 10 $ 3.1K 80 $ 2.7K free png image and svg icon |
free png image and svg icon | 0 $ 2.6K jfjfp
jfjfp 0 $ 2.6K 0 $ 2.2K 0 $ 1.9K 320 $ 1.9K penny appeal usa
penny appeal usa operates in over 30 countries and works with local communities (domestically and internationally) to end cyclical poverty through sustainable programs. 250 $ 1.2K startseite- islamic relief deutschland
für eine bessere zukunft • humanitäre organisation • eine deutsche nichtregierungsorganisation • partner von islamic relief worldwide 0 $ 1.1K 7 $ 600 collector's dreams - fashion & dolls by roxanne | dollfashion | accessories | repaints
collector's dreams - roxanne's website for fashion doll adicts. 0 $ 200 departamento meteorologico aruba -dma
departamento meteorologico aruba is a governmental agency on aruba responsible for meteorological and seismological data on aruba. 0 $ 200 error 404 (page not found)!!1
google person finder: chile earthquake 0 $ 200 civil engineering - resources for students, teachers, professionals
construction and civil engineering resources for students, teachers and professionals including course notes, problems olver, quiz, calculators, software 15 $ 200 funny sms | love sms | sms joke | friendship sms | flirt sms | hindi urdu sms | wise word
a large text message collection of funny mobile phone sms txt messages. send these cute love sms, naughty sms, insult sms, rude sms, friends sms, kiss sms, birthday sms, urdu sms, hindi sms, punjabi sms, free sms, christmas sms messages and wise words to your loved ones. 0 $ 100 islamic relief sa humanitarian ngo - donate zakat & sadaqah
welcome to islamic releif.send your donations to islamic releif to save people, contact us through mail or contact form 0 $ 100
conflict management - effektive streitbeilegung durch wirtschaftsmediation 0 $ 100 usgs photographic library explorer
u.s. geological survey photographic library 0 $ 100 omnisecure - kongress der smart id solutions community
excellente plattform für wissenstransfer und networking! große fachausstellung | vorträge | panels | tutorials | interaktive sessions | networking alternatives and similar web sites

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