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2 CRITIC TO FIX IMMEDIATELY    5 WARNING TO FIX IN TIME    9 SUBJECT IS OK Search Engine Optimization Checker found following critic errors, warnings. This subjects has to be fixed for getting better ranking for seo by the webmaster.

SEO Result   Domain Age: Domain Age:0 years, 1 months, 8 days.Expiration date: 19-oct-2016

Website's domain age is 0 years, 1 months, 8 days.
Website's domain expiration date is 19-oct-2016.

Notes: Domain age is important as search engines use it for calculation trust and authority.

SEO Result   Social Media: Twitter Count: 1, Facebook Share:2, Digg:-1

Website is not known in social media. Should try to increase popularity of Website in social media.
Twitter Count: 1.
Facebook Share Count: 2.
Digg Count: -1.

SEO Result   HTML Size: 0 byte

Couldn't calculate website size.

Notes: HTML size of a webpage shouldn't higher than 32 KB.

SEO Result   HTML Validation: -1 error(s), -1 warning(s)

Couldn't get HTML Validation Warnings.
Couldn't get HTML Validation Errors.

Notes: HTML errors can make Website main page difficult for search engines to index. Without proper coding and HTML validation, search engines crawlers might not parse coding if errors are found, and may not be able to index entire website so search engine bots may omit Website content. Search engines can handle minor errors in HTML coding but iy Website has important HTML errors such as not closed tags may cause crawlers stop analyzing Website main page.

SEO Result   Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank: 1969752

Website Alexa rank value is: 1969752

SEO Result   DMOZ Index: Website is not listed in DMOZ

Website is not listed in DMOZ
Notes: DMOZ is the largest human edited open directory that is free to submit to. It is better to submit websites to this directory. Google still use it.

SEO Result   H Tags: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Tag Analyze

Good. We have found only 1 H1 tag in website main page.
There are too much H2 tag. It's better to to use 2 to 5 H2 tags for the most important keywords about Website. There are 8 H2 tags in website main page.
There are no H3 tags in website main page..
There are no H4 tags in website main page.
There are no H5 tags in website main page.
There are no H6 tags in website main page.

SEO Result   robots.txt: robots.txt file found

robots.txt file was found in root directory.

SEO Result   Sitemap: sitemap.xml file found

A sitemap file was found in root directory.

Notes: XML Sitemap is very important for search engines because it makes easier search engines discover the pages on website.

SEO Result   Speed Test: Speed Test

Website main page is fast.
Website main page's load time is 0.624 seconds.

SEO Result   Title Tag: sarki sözü, sarki sözleri, sarki dinle

Title tag length is ideal. It is 38 characters. And it doesn't contain any stop words.
Notes: Google shows 65 characters in search results including spaces.

SEO Result   Description: Sarki Sözleri, Sarki Dinle, Müzik Dinle, Sarki Sözü, Türkçe Çeviri, Yabanci Müzik Dinle, Video Klip Izle

We have found meta description tag. Meta description tag length is ok. It is 104 characters.
Notes: Google only show the 156 characters of meta description tag in search results including spaces.

SEO Result   Keywords: sarki sözü,sarki sözleri,sarki sözleri bul,müzik haberleri,haftanin top 20 listesi,haftanin top 20 listesi yabanci,yabanci sarki,türk sanat müzigi dinle,türk halk müzigi dinle,video klip izle,türkçe çeviri,indir,dinle

We have found meta keywords tag. meta keywords tag length is ideal. It is 217 characters.Notes: Keywords are still important for several search engines as Google does not use the keywords meta tag in ranking.

SEO Result   Robots Tag:

Website main page doesn't have robots metatag preventing search engine robots.(don't have to use it)

SEO Result   SE Index: Google Index Count: 1110, Yahoo:0, Bing:0

Google Index Count: 1110.
Yahoo Index Count: 0.
Bing Index Count: 0.

Notes: Search engines love websites which has lots of contents. And low number indexed pages may indicate that website architecture preventing search engines crawling. So using sitemap xml files fix this problem too.

SEO Result   Images: Total Image Count: 4 Images without alt tag: 0

Very good. All the images have alt tag.

Notes: Image name and alt tag are very important for search engines image search. Name and alt tag are the only way of a image found in image search results.

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